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Pick: Do you consider these musicians one-hit wonders?

You know, a-ha had another Top 20 hit after "Take on Me."

There are two things that should be made clear: First, there is nothing wrong with being a one-hit wonder. Thousands of bands go through their career without ever scoring a hit. It's just a fact of the Billboard Top 100. 

Secondly, many people consider the following musical acts to be one-hit wonders. You can find them listed on popular sites like this and this and this.

But we want to know what you think! Because, frankly, it often comes down to you being a fan. Somewhere, someone is a massive Carl Douglas fan who collected all his singles. We offered some arguments.

Compare your opinions to the rest!

  1. Vicki Lawrence had a massive pop hit with "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" but she is also a TV star. Do you consider Vicki a one-hit wonder?
  2. a-ha is mostly known for its song "Take on Me" — but "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." was also a Top 20 hit. What is a-ha?
  3. Twisted Sister is mostly known for its song "We're Not Gonna Take It" but is this hair-metal band a one-hit wonder?
  4. "For What It's Worth" was the only big hit Buffalo Springfield had. One member went on to much bigger things, obviously. So what is Buffalo Springfield?
  5. Devo is mostly known for "Whip It," it's lone Top 40. It's the only song people really stream heavily on Spotify. Is this cult act a one-hit wonder?
  6. T. Rex is mostly known for "Get It On" (you know, "Bang a gong…") but is this glam-rock pioneer more than a one-hit wonder?
  7. Arlo Guthrie had one charted hit, "City of New Orleans," but another song of his is played a lot at Thanksgiving. What is he?
  8. Stealers Wheel is mostly known for "Stuck in the Middle" — but "Star" was kind of a hit at the time, too. What are they?
  9. Starland Vocal Band is mostly known for "Afternoon Delight" — but the band did win the Best New Artist Grammy and got its own TV variety show. So what it is?
  10. Looking Glass is mostly known for "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" — but "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" barely scratched the Top 40. So…?
  11. Carl Douglas is mostly known for "Kung Fu Fighting." Believe it or not, his follow-up, "Dance The Kung Fu," was kind of a minor hit. Does that matter anymore?
Pick: Do you consider these musicians one-hit wonders?

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