Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Are these real 1970s dance moves, or did we make them up?

If you got the moves, this quiz will be a breeze for you!

Are these fun facts about Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett?

Which one is really into yacht racing, and which used to be a movie theater usher?

Pick: which of these classic artists' albums is your favorite?

Some artists have so many hit albums that it's difficult to even narrow it down, much less pick ...more

Can you guess what popular '60s romantic comedy movie these lines are from?

These movies give you the best of both worlds, but where are these lines from?

Did these classic actors release music?

Imagine playing a song released by your favorite actor. It's almost every fan's dream.

Are these '70s TV movies or were they released in theaters?

We're sure you've seen some of these movies, but do you remember where?

How well do you know the I Love Lucy episode 'Ricky and Fred are TV fans'?

Ricky and Fred get distracted by the TV, leaving Lucy and Ethel to try and get their attention!

Who sang these super successful '70s disco songs?

We've got a little disco fever, let's see if you can cool us down.

Are these radio series from the 1940s or a different decade?

Before seeing our favorite shows, we had to listen to them on the radio.

Are these images from the opening or closing credits of The Flintstones?

The opening and closing credits changed as the show went on, including in season three when ''Meet ...more

Can you complete the names of these lesser-known 1980s films?

One person's unfamiliar '80s film is another's hidden movie treasure. Either way, can you complete ...more

Can you match these lyrics to the right Whitney Houston song?

Would you ''Wanna Dance With Somebody'' if they didn't like Whitney Houston?

Can you find the ONE word that is not in the Flintstones theme song?

You can sing the song… but do you remember every lyric?

Were these shoes popular in the '70s?

These shoes were made for walkin', but were they popular in this decade?

Can you match these Gunsmoke characters to their first lines on the show?

What was the very first thing these iconic Western characters ever said?

These are the top 10 episodes of Gunsmoke according to IMDb — which one is your favorite?

Pick your favorite episode and see which one is the most popular overall!

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