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Can you recognize these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1970?

One catch: They're mostly illustrated.

Images: TV Guide Cover Archive

Who was super famous in 1970? Well, you can check the vintage covers of TV Guide. This little weekly digest of listings was vital for any television viewer. It would be a couple more decades until onscreen channel guides arrived!

Appearing on the cover of TV Guide was elite status for Hollywood stars. Especially if you were famous enough to have an artist creature your illustration.

Let's see if you can recognize all these 1970 celebs!

  1. You know this fellow best for playing…?
  2. Which Western is this…?
  3. Who is this supposed to be…?
  4. Who is this man hanging with Muppets…?
  5. These folks are from which show…?
  6. You could find this fellow starring on the sitcom…?
  7. Which beloved TV character is this…?
  8. This top-rated comedy duo was named…?
  9. This man looks familiar…ish…?
  10. You could find this man…?
  11. Finally, can you name this colorful classic comedian…?
Can you recognize these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1970?

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