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Are these fun facts about Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett?

Which one is really into yacht racing, and which used to be a movie theater usher?

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When someone mentions Carol Burnett's name, most people tend to think of Vicki Lawrence and vice versa. It's no secret these two iconic comedians just go together.

Vicki Lawrence got her start in the entertainment industry thanks to Carol Burnett. When Lawrence was only 17, she wrote Burnett a fan letter. Fast forward years later, and the two actresses were making history and completing milestones together.

They took on the world of comedy together through hit series: The Carol Burnett Show, Mama's Family and Laverne & Shirley.

We know these two are similar in appearance and personality, but that's what makes this quiz even harder. Can you tell if these fun facts are about Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett? Good luck!

  1. This person considered Jim Nabors her good luck charm.
  2. This person is a huge fan of game shows and has guest starred on Super Password, Match Game and more.
  3. Actor Jim Carrey sent this comedian his resume when he was only 10 years old.
  4. This person starred in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
  5. This person would go along with Bob Hope on USO (United Service Organizations) tours.
  6. This person was nominated for three Tony Awards, one of which she won.
  7. This person was the most trained dancer on The Carol Burnett Show.
  8. This person was a yacht racing enthusiast.
  9. This person used to be an usher at a movie theater before becoming famous.
  10. Harvey Korman taught this person how to do accents for The Carol Burnett Show because he was so good at them.
  11. This person's mother wanted them to become a writer instead of an actress.
  12. This person turned down a sitcom offer from Lucille Ball.
  13. This person had a number one song in Australia in 1973.
Are these fun facts about Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett?

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