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Are these real 1970s dance moves, or did we make them up?

If you got the moves, this quiz will be a breeze for you!

Has anyone ever told you that "You got the moves?" That means you're a pretty good dancer! Dancing has always been a fun way to move around to your favorite song. It makes people happy, it can be a great source of exercise and you can even make money from it.

Let's take it back to the groovy decade of 1970. See if you can tell whether these were real dance moves or something we made up.

Good luck!

  1. Dance move: The Hustle
  2. Dance move: The Staple Duster
  3. Dance move: The Piggy Barn
  4. Dance move: The Bump
  5. Dance move: YMCA
  6. Dance move: Green Charlie
  7. Dance move: Funky Chicken
  8. Dance move: The Lawnmower
  9. Dance move: The Moon Blocker
  10. Dance move: The Bus Stop
Are these real 1970s dance moves, or did we make them up?

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