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If Mary Richards from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' had Instagram…

She turned the world on with her smile — and that was before we the days of social media. For seven seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards hosted dinner parties, helped her friends and worked her butt off to become Minneapolis' leading lady. 

The incredibly photogenic Mary Richards would have been the perfect person for Instagram, where she could share the photos of her sometimes chaotic life. Alas, the social media platform wouldn't come to exist for another three decades. 

That's where creativity comes into play. We're reimagining what the news producer's profile would look like if the platform had been around in the 1970s. Would she post a lot of selfies? Probably. 

Candid moments make for perfect Instagram photos. Mary would never miss an opportunity to post a pic like this. 

She would have captured the sentimental moments too, like getting laid off from her prestigious job. 

Mary would probably pay tribute to friends she had lost along the way, Chuckles especially. 

"Outfit of the day" wasn't a thing back in the '70s, but Mary was always ahead of her time. 

Mary was a strong, independent woman. She would let you know that, too, on her Instagram page. Who needs a man? Not her.

She also relies on the support of her friends, including Rhoda and Phyllis. 

One of the best parts of having social media is being able to make fun of yourself. We think Mary would have done so accordingly. 

A stroll through the park? You bet that would be documented on Mary's Instagram page. 

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