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8 comic strips everyone read in the '70s

It doesn't have to be a Sunday in order for you to appreciate this colorful list of comic strips!

This is how The Flintstones originally depicted Pebbles all grown up

This is not the elder Pebbles you probably remember.

10 extremely Eighties products introduced in 1982

Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40 — CD players, Diet Coke and Ms. Pac-Man!

The original cast of The Love Boat was entirely different

It's just not Isaac without a mustache and finger guns.

Vicki Lawrence is proof that you don't have to act your age to be successful

In real life Vicki Lawrence was only in her 30s when Mama's Family premiered, but her character ...more

Petticoat Junction was like a second home for Edgar Buchanan

The actor's life before fame was similar to his life at the Junction. Except, he wasn't scheming ...more

10 Fascinating Facts About Desi Arnaz

The Cuban-born American entertainer was much more than Ricky Ricardo.

Gavin MacLeod went from playing villains to being considered a comedy hero

When Gavin MacLeod lost his hair, he started getting typecasted as the big, bald, bad guy.

11 incredibly cool facts about Burt Reynolds

Find out what game show is modeled after his living room, what huge roles he turned down and his ...more

This Gunsmoke guest star was so good at playing bad, women yelled at him on the street

"I'm a nice guy in real life," Morgan Woodward insisted.

James Arness was a bit of a beach bum before Gunsmoke

He spent the late '40s surfing and squatting on the sand.

6 familiar characters who got their own ''spin-off babies'' cartoons

These aged-down adaptations ranged from massively popular to one-season flops

Did you know Harvey Korman was briefly fired from The Carol Burnett Show?

Burnett felt she had to send a message to Korman, and it's safe to say he got it.

Summer saved surfer girl Gidget from TV obscurity

Why the show ended, even though everyone agreed: "Sally Field is almost too good to be true."

How Sally Field unexpectedly landed Gidget, and how it was much more than a career-launcher

Though her first show only lasted one season, it certainly wasn't the precedent of things to come.

12 Sally Field roles that range from iconic to obscure

From Gidget to The Flying Nun and Lincoln. Do you have a favorite Sally Field role?

In its ninth season, so-called ''boring storylines'' caused The Love Boat's ratings to decline

After several successful seasons, viewers got tired of being told to "come aboard."

Gunsmoke's Ken Curtis was destined to be in a Western

Ken Curtis and Festus both knew a thing or two about cattle and horses.

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