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Mary Tyler Moore's other notable roles

Image: Paramount Pictures

While most actors struggle to find a signature role, Mary Tyler Moore was lucky enough to have two.

In the 1960s, Moore was known as housewife Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show. In the 1970s, Moore morphed her persona to become the career-oriented Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Beyond those two notable roles, Moore had plenty of satisfying work throughout her illustrious career. 

Here are just a few other ways Moore will be remembered.


Diane - 'Hot in Cleveland'

Moore's final role was also one of the most heartwarming to watch. In Hot in Cleveland, Moore reunited with her former costars for one last epic reunion in 2013. 

Image: TV Land


Sam - 'Richard Diamond, Private Detective'

Moore's first regular television role was quite different. In 1959, the up-and-coming actress played Sam, a sultry secretary whose face is never seen on camera. 

Image: 20th Television


Beth - 'Ordinary People'

Moore is known for her work on television, but she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress thanks to this role. In Robert Redford's Ordinary People (1980), Moore played a mother whose older son suffers a fatal accident. Life imitated art the same year when Moore's only son died of an accidental gunshot wound, making this role all the more gripping.

Image: Paramount Pictures


Mary Brenner - 'Mary'

Moore followed up her famous eponymous show with another, not-so-famous eponymous show in 1985. In Mary, the actress played a divorced woman working for a tabloid in Chicago. The series only lasted 13 episodes.

Image: CBS


Annie McGuire - 'Annie McGuire'

Moore followed up the unsuccessful Mary with the sitcom Annie McGuire in 1988. The show centered around a newlywed couple with children from a previous marriage and parents on opposite ends of the political spectrum. The series only lasted 10 episodes. 

Image: 20th Television


Louise Felcott - 'New York News'

Moore returned to the newsroom for her final series in 1995 with New York News. This time, Moore played the Editor-in-Chief of a struggling tabloid in New York City. The network only aired eight episodes. 


Catherine St. George - 'That '70s Show'

Moore also knew how to poke fun at herself. The '70s icon appeared on That '70s Show in 2006 as Catherine St. George, a psycho boss at a television news station. Sounds familiar, right?

Image: Casey-Werner Productions

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